BBQ Gift List

Looking for a BBQ gift for someone or just a gift for yourself? This is a list of must-haves for the BBQ center. These are all products that I use – all the time. All of these things I purchased myself. Nothing on this site is promotional from any company. You can’t lose adding any of these things to your equipment list. These gifts range in price from about $20 – $250+.


Note: I live in Vancouver, BC and I always shop locally when I can. Unless the price is totally out of whack I always try to support local stores, especially my local BBQ store: Johnstones BBQ. They have two stores, one in North Vancouver and one in Surrey. They carry all the good stuff and are super knowledgeable. If you are from Vancouver and are looking for a new grill make sure you seek them out. If you need any kind of part for an existing grill, they will have it. They also do online ordering for all things BBQ in Canada.


Have a Primo Kamado Grill? (or Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe, etc.) This is the #1 thing you need for those long cooks: BBQ Guru Temperature Control

I have used two CyberQ models – the one with WiFi (CyberQ Wifi) which I borrowed from my brother and did about 20 cooks with and the non-WiFi version which I bought (DigiQ DX2) and have done countless cooks than that with.
BBQ Guru Pit Viper Blower for smoker
BBQ Guru Smoker Heat ManagementI am not sure how people do long cooks (overnight?) without one of these. Basically it attaches to a grill level thermometer, a fan for the air intake and a meat probe. You set the temperature you want the pit to be at and it controls how much air is forced in with magical results. When you insert the food probe you can set the temperature you want the meat to be at and it will start ramping down the heat automagically when it starts getting close to done. It also has alarms for high/low heat in the pit or for when the meat is at the done temperature.

The WiFi version has a better user interface and you can update the settings via web browser whether you have it set up on your network or not. It also has two food probes where the non-WiFi version has one. If you have the technical ability (or a tech friend) you can set the WiFi model up so that you can access your Guru from you smart phone… control the temperature from work! After using the WiFi version extensively I chose not to spend the extra money and got the simpler non-WiFi version. That being said, I would happily use either. If you truly want to get your geek on then the WiFi version would be the choice.

Buy it here.

Instant Read Digital Thermometergrill-beast-thermometer

I have used a bunch of different thermometers. From what I can remember, this one has some goofy marketing in the packaging but is super solid and super reliable. It’s the Beast-ometer from Grill Beast. Whether it’s with the BBQ or just in the kitchen, we use this thermometer almost every night.

Buy here. I did.





Meat InjectorBeast Injector for injecting liquids into your meat

I have tried a couple of injectors and this one is far and away the best I have used. It comes with two needles. The key is one of the needles has the holes on the side of the needle itself. Most injectors can get plugged since you are jabbing it into the hunk o’ meat and then you wonder why you aren’t using much of your injection liquid… Pro-tip: One of mine seems to get quite stiff from the suction. I put just a little olive oil on the seal on the “plunger” and that lubes it up really well.

This one is called the Beast Injector from Grill Beast. Buy it here.