Monday – Pulled Pork

30 pounds of pulled pork. (3 shoulders) Cooked by Ian.pulledpork

A few key things to remember: Indirect heat at 230F, 2 hours per pound +2-3 hours of resting time. I prefer bone in Boston Butt (pork shoulder) Look for a meaty shoulder with a nice layer of fat on one side (fat cap).

Get your Egg started and on its way to being stabilized at 230 degrees.

Rinse the shoulder and pat dry with paper towel. Use classic yellow hot dog mustard and coat the whole shoulder (no need to make it too thick). This doesn’t provide for taste but helps create the really good bark and is a bonding agent for the rub.

Rub your butt with your favorite rib or pork rub. You can use the carnitas rub (here) and I will add my classic rib rub soon.

Inject the butt with a 50/50 ratio of maple syrup and pineapple juice. Make sure to drape the butt with paper towel so you’re not spraying stuff all over the kitchen. Inject from multiple spots (all four sides).

Cover and refrigerate until you are ready to put it on when you are pretty much stabilized at 230 degrees. This is the “at the grill” temperature. The dome temperature will likely be between 250-275.

After 2 hours per pound, check the internal temperature. It should be between 190-195F. Make sure you are hitting meat and not a fat pocket. Beware of the “stall”. If you are watching the temperature you will notice it will hang around 160F for what seems like forever. Be patient and fight the urge to crank the heat. It just needs to work through it.

When it is at 190+F, remove, wrap in a couple layers of foil, wrap in a towel and throw in an empty cooler for 2-3 hours. It is ready to pull after the resting period.