Thursday – Beef Brisket

Note: Brisket isn’t super easy like pulled pork. I can tell you that this was universally praised by all as unbelievably great. This was the hack week winner for sure, no the ribs, no the carnitas…

25+ pounds beef brisketmattB - @agilebaconbeer

This recipe Ian did was from Matt Badgley. (@agilebaconbeer)

Services (Matt) told development (Ian) how to do it, Alliances carved and served. True cross departmental collaboration…

So I pretty much follow the basic instructions you’ll find on most sites for brisket — it’s a hard meat to do, but brisketit’s also kinda hard to screw up.  The secret I have is that I use an iGrill Mini and tie it to my iPhone.  With brisket — it’s all about the temperature and how you handle it when it reaches the top end.

Here’s what I do:

3-4 hours before cooking, prep — trim the meat leave between 1/8 – 1/4 inch fat on the top, trim to not leave too much.  Rub the brisket with a texas style, black pepper based rub. I’ve used the following two recipes, with the second being the best — or .  If you don’t feel like dealing with that, just get a pepper based steak seasoning and add a tablespoon of brown sugar for bonding purposes.  Rub the meat complete and leave it out at room temp — it’s red meat, so it’s best not to go on cold.

for the big green egg prep, it should be set up for indirect heat cooking with a drip pan with about 1-2” of water.  Get BGE up to about 200 and put meat on, cook between 225-250.

if you don’t have an electronic thermometer — get something — you’ll want it to get to 175, then take it off and wrap in aluminum foil.  Put back on.  The temperature will rise fairly quickly to 185.  Your done — take it off, wrap in a towel or more aluminum foil and let stand.  You’ll be set.

Oh yeah, don’t open the lid, just rely on the thermometer on the dome.

BTW – I never do the mop, but it looks good — let me know if you try it.  See the first recipe link above.